Burrell House Show - Mark Campbell & Craig Peacock

Thanks again to all who came to the show which was very busy and a well recieved show.
We were only disappointed that no-one officially from the GI came along to see the show and think they missed a good PR opportunity as Sir William Burrell donated more than two hundred works for the original Glasgow International Exhibition in 1903. And we were the first artists to have work hung in Burrells house since the great man himself lived there. Click on the Photos link at the side to see all the photos from the House.
It's also a scandal that Burrell's House has been left by various councils over the years to fall into such disrepair and then to be sold off, although I presume he left it to the People of Glasgow on his death. The house is now in private ownership and whilst working with Historic Scotland the present owner has the House up for sale. The house should be bought back by the council and with various restoration agencies be restored to its original state and made into a West End Burrell as less than a quarter of his work is ever on display in Pollok Park. So come on Glasgow show a little initiative and take this treasure back Burrell gave his entire collection plus money to build the Burrell Collection yet the city fathers have  neither the will or the wit to show the same courtesy.