a God Given Light

An Exhibition of new work by 


Mark Campbell's work takes on the notion of the nurture of children and the images and propogandic messages they are subjected to and indoctrinated with from religions and the media.
With 'Jelevision' he uses the idea of a greenhouse, where seeds are normally germinated by the light, to express this with his images etched and fired onto the glass. The symbolic metaphors are throughout the work i.e he uses the image of a rabbit taken from a Hamas Childrens Television programme called 'Pioneers of Tomorrow’ where adults dressed as cartoon animals are the stars and where each one is eventually killed by the israelis with the young children praying for their demise, and also with the bible reference on the gun sight (US
troops had been fighting in afghanistan and Iraq using guns with scripture quoted references on their scopes) bringing the idea of modern day crusaders.
The neon text work simply speaks for its self.


Art and Divinity are thoughtful abstractions that deal with the aesthetic
and esoteric. They are both relative to our perceptions, feelings and needs. One seeks the sublime the other purpose. In truth they have never been apart, each influencing the evolution of concepts, ideas and notions of our present time and place.
The work for ‘a god given light’ was cumulative of thought, time and process. They are imaginations, notations, where lines and marks become formal objects. Representations of sky and sea, one tumultuous the other calm, subjective, emotive, where light begins to prevail, in hope and its own radiant glory.